Offer Display Fields

The Offer Display Fields included in this section are applicable to ALL financial products offered on Engine by MoneyLion’s platform.

Technical guidelines for Offer Display Field creation can be found in the Engine API Reference (in the sample Personal Loan Response).

In APPENDIX D you will find an example of an offer display with a key to each field description.

The Financial Institution Provider Logo is REQUIRED. This logo is passed to Engine by MoneyLion and you by the FI.

Offer Amount

REQUIRED. This value should be presented as a dollar amount representing the total amount of the loan or line of credit.

  • Example: $35,000

Offer Term Length

REQUIRED. The term length should be presented as a numeric value and accompanied by the unit label. It can be presented in terms of months or years.

  • Example: 48 months or 4 years

Offer Term Description

This field is the label that may be applied under the Offer Term Length to describe that field.

  • Example: 48 Months “Term on Loan”

Offer APR

REQUIRED. The APR should be presented as a percentage and must be labeled with “APR.”

  • Example: 9.68%

Offer APR Description

REQUIRED. The APR presented with the offer should be labeled as either Fixed or Variable.

  • Example: 9.68% “Fixed APR”

Offer Monthly Payment Amount

REQUIRED. The Monthly Payment Amount should be presented as a numeric dollar amount and should be labeled with the applicable unit.

  • Example: $738.15 / month

Offer Monthly Payment Description

You may include a label for the payment amount.

  • Example: $738.15 / month “Est. Monthly Payment Amount”

Pre-Approved and Pre-Qualified Designations

REQUIRED. The financial institution making the offer may include a designation of “Pre-Approved” or ‘Pre-Qualified” with the offer. This designation must be applied exactly as the financial institution provider dictates.

Offer Disclaimer

REQUIRED. Financial institution providers may include additional disclaimers related to an offer. These disclaimers should be included in a link or pop-up within the offer card.

Offer More Information

REQUIRED. Financial institution providers may also include additional information related to an offer. This information should be included with any additional disclaimers in a link or pop-up within the offer card.

Product Type Label

REQUIRED. This field will inform the consumer of the product type being offered.

  • Example: Personal Loan - Unsecured / Personal Loan - Secured / Line of Credit - Secured / Line of Credit - Unsecured

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