Pre-Populating Existing Customer Data

This document is intended to help partners using Partner Page or Embed integrations to pre-fill select fields on the application form.

Partner Page & Embed Pre-Population Overview

Engine by MoneyLion Partner Pages are Engine-hosted white-labelled or co-branded pages that require very little technical integration. Partner Page websites support customizable design and co-branding options to deliver a seamless customer journey.
Engine by MoneyLion Embeds (embeddable widgets) provide access to Engine by MoneyLion's network and the ability to integrate a native, partner hosted integration with very little technical lift.
Regardless of the implementation type (Partner Page vs Embed), we support pre-pop for certain non-PII fields to decrease UX friction and increase app submit rates. Fields can be pre-populated by adding query parameters to the respective URL in the below format*:
For example, to add a zip code to a Partner Page, append the param to the end of the URL path:
To add a zip code to Embed code, append the param to the end of the src string in the <iframe> tag:
<iframe class=... src='{provided_url}?app.zipcode=10011'></iframe>
*The first query parameter appended at the end of a path should be denoted with a question mark (?); all following params should be denoted with an ampersand (&).
The following is a list of params that can be added to the URL:
Key (in url param)
Enum, if applicable
Loan Purpose
debt_consolidation, home_improvement, student_loan, wedding, large_purchases, auto, baby, boat, business, green, household_expenses, medical_dental, moving_relocation, taxes, vaction, other
Requested Loan Amount
No dollar signs, e.g. '6000'
Credit Rating
excellent, good, fair, poor
Spaces should be converted to '%20', e.g. 'New%20York'
2-letter state abbreviation (or DC)
Zip Code*
Either 5 digits, or 9 digits separated by hyphen (5+4)
Property Status
rent, own_outright, own_with_mortage
Date of Birth
Format: MM-dd-yyyy, e.g. '01-01-1990'
Highest Level of Education
high_school, associate, bachelors, masters, other_grad_degree, other
Employment Status
employed, military, not_employed, retired, self_employed, other
Annual Income
No dollar signs, e.g. '100000'
Pay Frequency
weekly, biweekly, monthly, twice_monthly
*These fields will be overwritten if the user’s location is detected