Adding Client Tags to Reports

Partner Pages and Embeds support adding your unique Client Tags to track performance of specific campaigns or users. All Client Tag data is attributed to the lead level.

Regardless of the integration type, Client Tags can be added via query parameters at the end of the respective URL in the below format*:


To add a clientId to a Partner Page (with the id as c1), append the param to the end of the URL path as follows:

To add a clientId to Embed code, append the param to the end of the src string in the <iframe> tag:

    <iframe class=... src='{provided_url}?tag.clientId=c1'></iframe>

Supported Client Tag keys

These are the keys that are currently fully supported. If a different key is needed, please reach out to your partner manager - we may be able to accommodate, but adding nonstandard keys will increase the time it takes Engine to report Client Tag values back to you.

  • agentId

  • campaignId

  • clientId

  • deviceid

  • medium

  • sourceId

  • subid

  • subid1

  • subid2

  • subid3

  • target

  • trafficsource

  • userid

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