Dos & Don’ts for All HELOC Supply Partners


  • DO focus on the consumer shopping angle. For example, include language like:

    • “This is a shopping option”

    • “Consider these options, but there are more”

    • “This does not include all lenders or available HELOCs that may be available to you”

  • DO clearly show Engine by MoneyLion’s (formerly Even Financial’s) NMLS ID on all solicitations and advertisements.


  • DO NOT recommend or endorse a lender or Engine by MoneyLion (e.g. “Company A is a preferred HELOC lender”, “Company B is our HELOC partner”, “Company C is a superior HELOC provider”, etc.).

  • DO NOT make or receive payouts based on a lead’s performance after the lead is transferred to a lender, if services are not performed after this event.

    • e.g. if services are not performed after lead transfer, making or receiving a payout based on a HELOC approval or funding violates RESPA. *Engine by MoneyLion maintains contractual payouts with HELOC lenders at Fair Market Value. Payouts occur prior to full approval/funding*.

  • DO NOT engage leads in states where Engine by MoneyLion does not hold an active mortgage license.

    • Currently: HI, MA, MD, NH, NV, NY, UT, VA, VT

  • DO NOT enter into exclusive agreements where services are performed for one lender.

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