1. I’m not getting anything returned for make/model/trim/year, the response is empty.

    • The list of options available are case sensitive and you may also want to check to ensure that the consumer did not type in their answer as opposed to selecting an answer from your list.

  2. I’m sending requests to Engine by MoneyLion’s API but not getting any response, what am I doing wrong?

    • Please refer to (i) Required Fields in the Collecting User Information section and (ii) Post Request in the API Specifications section of the guide. It’s also possible that the Post Request Authorization and Body are correct but there are no available offers. If this issue persists, please reach out to the assigned contact at Engine by MoneyLion.

  3. I haven’t received approval from the Engine by MoneyLion Compliance team or Financial Services partners yet, how can I see offers returned through the API?

    • Partners building a Native API integration can access mock offers before receiving approval. Reach out to your assigned contact at Engine by MoneyLion to ask about enabling mock offers and please make sure to use the provided test token instead of the production token when testing.

  4. I finished building the Native API integration, what’s next?

    • Congratulations on completing your integration! You’ve taken a huge step towards adding Engine by MoneyLion’s Loans Marketplace to your business. The next step is to send mocks or screenshots of the entire user experience (from how the user enters the information collection process to displaying offers to the user) to your assigned contact at Engine by MoneyLion.

  5. I am only seeing pending Responses but no actual offers, how do I obtain actual offers?

    • When utilizing the Asynchronous Flow endpoint, partners building a Native API integration need to make a secondary request to Engine by MoneyLion’s Offers Endpoint to retrieve offers. Please refer to Asynchronous and Synchronous Flow Responses in the API Specifications section of the guide.

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