2nd Look Marketplace (Financial Services Providers)


As the leading search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial services, Engine by MoneyLion powers the largest network of connected premium Financial Institutions and channels. With over 50 Institutions offering unsecured loans, secured loans, lines of credit, debt consolidation, debt repair etc., Engine by MoneyLion specializes in matching consumers with personalized offers that fit their specific needs.

Through Engine by MoneyLions’s 2nd Look offering, we’re offering partners the opportunity to offer financial products to consumers who were not preapproved for a loan offer. In introducing our 2nd Look Marketplace, we’re giving you the power to determine the value of a consumer and bid for them at a rate that works for your business model.

Platform Flow

In the diagram below we review how our platform will function once the 2nd Look Marketplace is launched. Steps 1-4 mirror our existing 1st Look workflow and functionality. Steps 5 and 6 introduce the new marketplace capabilities.

In the first phase of the 2nd Look Marketplace, we will display your offer if it is the highest bid returned for the lead. In the second phase, we will display it if is the highest bid for that specific product type (installment loans, debt relief, etc.).

You will only need to pay Engine by MoneyLion if the lead clicks on your offer.

Workflow Steps

  1. A lead submits a common loan application.

  2. Applicant’s details are sent to our 1st Look partners.

  3. The 1st Look partners do not return any offers.

  4. Applicant’s details are sent to our 2nd Look partners.

  5. Offers and their bids for the lead click are returned.

  6. Phase 1: There will be one winner per lead determined by the highest CPC bid. For example, if we receive a $10 bid for a debt relief product and a $15 bid for an installment loan, we will show just the installment loan offer.

Terms & Conditions

  • The 2nd Look partner only pays the bid price to Engine by MoneyLion for a unique click. • The 2nd Look partner will not remarket to any lead that DOES NOT click on their offer.

  • The lead application data sent to the 2nd Look partner can be anything from our lead specification (see Appendix).

  • If the 2nd Look partner’s API does not respond within the recommended response window (12 seconds), the offer may be disregarded.

Downstream Partners and Redirects

Many of our channel partners are sensitive about redirects and do not enable 2nd Look Demand Partners who redirect the consumer from the channel partner’s experience into another company’s website. While not a launch requirement for the initial version of the Second Look Marketplace, your API will ideally return details corresponding to your downstream partner (name, logo, product type, marketing copy, and partner URL as listed in the example API response). If your API can do this, we will be able to enable you on many more channel sources, increasing your request volume. We may also require this in the future.


Engine by MoneyLion will provide you with reporting for your offers that includes:

  • Number of time we polled your API (requests).

  • Number of API responses containing at least one offer (approvals).

  • Total number of offers returned by your API (if multiple per consumer). • Number of your offers displayed.

  • Number of unique clicks on your offers.

  • Average bid price for each of your product types.

  • Lead-level win/loss report.

Approved Offers

Below are some directional examples of how your API can interact with Engine by MoneyLion. In no way should this be viewed as a requirements document, it is meant to help you understand some frameworks of how the 2nd Look marketplace will work.

  "status": "approved",
  "lead_id": "123",
  "offers": [
      "name": "Bank ABC",
      "display_name": "Bank ABC",
      "rate": 9.5,
      "click_url": "https://foo.com?approval_id=123",
      "offer_details": "Lorem ipsum",
      "product_type": "unsecured_loan",
      "logo_src": "https://www.yourcdn.com/logo/image1.png"
      "name": "Credit Builder 123",
      "display_name": "Best Credit Builder",
      "rate": 11.0,
      "click_url": "https://foo.com?approval_id=456",
      "offer_details": "Lorem ipsum",
      "product_type": "credit_builder",
      "logo_src": "https://www.bestcbCDN.com/logo/image1.png"
      "name": "Credit Repair for You",
      "display_name": "Fast Credit Repair",
      "rate": 6.0,
      "click_url": "https://foo.com?approval_id=789",
      "offer_details": "Lorem ipsum",
      "product_type": "credit_repair",
      "logo_src": "https://www.fastcreditpairCDN.com/logo/image1.png"






Passing if the lead has been approved, rejected or if there was an error



Values needed to create your click URLs or enable other reporting functionality as agreed on during integration evaluation




The name of your company



The name you want displayed to the lead



The amount you will pay if your offer is clicked on by the lead



The url to redirect the lead to upon click



Marketing text to be displayed with the offer to the lead



The type of service/product the lead is being shown (ex. Debt Consolidation)



The logo to be shown on the offer

* Required if your API will be returning multiple types of offers, or if you’d like dynamic control over offer presentation. Otherwise, you can work with our Partner Solutions team directly to populate these values manually.

** This information will enable Engine by MoneyLion to appropriately alert the lead of the type of offer they are being shown and provide any educational background needed. It will also enable us to provide you with robust reporting on product performance across all vendors in our marketplace.

Rejected Offers

This is how your platform can provide rejections:

  "status": "rejected",
  "lead_id": "456",
  "reason": "credit_score_low"

Note: the reason field should include any strings that help us better understand why a lead was rejected and will be in our optimizations and reporting.


This is how your platform can provide error responses:

  "status": "error",
  "lead_id": "789",
  "reason": "missing email address"

Note: the reason field contains the cause of the error to help troubleshoot issues


Data Available for 2nd Look Leads:

Loan Data:

  • Loan Requested Amount

  • Loan Purpose

  • Credit Rating (Select: [Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor])

Leads Contact Information

  • Street Address 1

  • Street Address 2

  • Zip Code

  • City

  • State

  • Phone Number

Leads User Information:

  • Email Address

  • Date of Birth

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Rent or Own (Select: [Rent, Own, Own with Mortgage])

  • Highest Level of Education (Select: [Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctorate])

  • Social Security Number

  • IP Address

Employment Info

  • Employment Status (Select: [Employed, Military, Not Employed, Retired, Self Employed, Other])

  • Annual Income

  • Pay Frequency (Select: [Once every week, Once every other week, twice per month, once per month])

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