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Millennial Weddings: Everything You Need To Know

Millennials, as a generation that came to age around both the Internet revolution and the turn of the millennia, have garnered some broad generalizations. They are categorized as entitled narcissists who spend tens of thousands on education, all while simultaneously being stingy and frugal. While these stereotypes may come across as contradictory, they are backed by statistics time and time again, making geared marketing complicated, and therefore the generational trends all that more intriguing. While the stereotypes have negative connotations, they denote financial frugality, fierce resourcefulness and a strong reverence of higher education. Of particular interest is how a group so vastly different from generations before handles weddings. Are they more likely to desire over-the-top venues, aligning with the entitlement stereotype, or more laid back and intimate affairs, more closely affiliated with the frugality sentiment? As recent research illustrates, like most things Millennials, the answer is a complicated “yes.”


The Knot Weds Trends And Traditions In Comprehensive Study


Popular wedding website, TheKnot.com (managed by XO Group Inc (NYSE: XOXO)) publishes an annual survey from the previous year’s brides detailing all things wedding. As the “#1 multiplatform wedding resource,” the Knot provides the most comprehensive research on wedding trends on an annual basis. According to the company, “The study includes national and regional statistics on the average cost of a wedding, how it is budgeted, the average number of wedding guests, spend per guest, wedding style trends and other key statistics related to weddings in America.” From the most recent study, the following statistics emerged:


  • Average Wedding Cost, Ex-Honeymoon: $31,213
  • Average Wedding Dress Cost: $1,357
  • Average Bride Age: 29
  • Average Groom Age: 31
  • Average Number Of Guests: 136


The study noted these trends, as well:


  • Popular Wedding Colors: Ivory/White (44 percent), blue (37 percent), pink (28 percent), metallic (26 percent), purple (23 percent), with dark blue on a continued popularity streak, up from 10 percent in 2008 to 24 percent in 2014
  • Destination Weddings: 24 percent
  • Smartphone Usage: 61 percent of participants used smartphones, with 71 percent accessing TheKnot.com specifically; 61 percent also stated they used smartphones to research wedding dresses and 57 percent said they researched vendors via their smartphones.
  • Personalization: “Couples are showing their unique style by choosing unexpected places to wed,” according to the study. “Historic buildings/home make up 14 percent in 2014, compared with only 12 percent in 2009, and farms make up 6 percent in 2014, up from 3 percent in 2009. While banquet halls (22 percent), country clubs (11 percent) and hotels (11 percent) are still popular options for couples, about 40 percent are looking for unusual venues that better reflect their personality.” Also of note, a 13 percent decrease in “church” weddings was highlighted, “28 percent of couples held their ceremony in a religious institution, down from 41 percent in 2009.”
  • Less On Ceremony, More On Reception: Musicians, catering and cake spend were all on the rise in 2014, while spending decreased for the ceremony itself.
  • Who Pays: The bride and groom, and the bride’s parents, each pay an equal 43 percent, while the groom’s parents were noted to contribute 12 percent to the wedding. According to the study, only 12 percent of couples foot the entire bill themselves.
  • Budgeting: 45 percent of respondents went over budget, while 26 percent stayed within their budget and just 6 percent came out ahead. Surprisingly, couples without a budget increased from 17 percent in 2009 to 23 percent in 2014.

Source: PR Newswire


What It All Means


Marriages may be taking place later in life, leading some to think that in regards to financing, the bride and groom as adults in their mid- to late-twenties would be able to pay without reliance on others. However, with Millennials predominating the space, simple linear assumptions quickly dissipate. While it would seem logical that a generation marrying older would be more inclined to pay their own way or budget more conservatively, the percentage of Millennials carrying substantial debt is significant. Furthermore, while Millennials seek independence, the broad trend of 20-somethings boomeranging back into their parents’ homes relates nicely with the noted trend that the bride’s parents still contribute substantially to the wedding festivities. Additionally, it may come as a surprise that with such a proclivity toward frugality, spending is on the rise across most budgeting subsectors; however, within the context of a generation that tends to desire immediate gratification and equal treatment regardless of circumstances, these seeming contradictions fade. In other words, while these trends may seem messy, they do illustrate the complications and contradictions many other professionals have noted within the generation.


For The Future Bride (And Her Family) And Groom


Trends, while not indicative of what is to happen in individual situations, do give insight into what is probable for the average person. In looking at the costs of weddings from previous years, it is possible to determine that weddings in the future are going to be expensive. And with that knowledge, proper planning can help curb unexpected financial obstacles. For future brides and grooms, if their financial situation allows, beginning a savings account set aside for a wedding may be prudent. While dowries have gone out of fashion, parents of future brides may want to consider a liquid dowry of some sort. Other financing options include personal loans, which are preferable over credit cards in many situations. Particularly if the loan is unsecured, there’s often no competition when comparing rates. Additionally, where credit cards are frequently misused and can easily damage a credit score, personal loans are treated as a fixed-term loan and can therefore help boost a sagging credit score. Regardless of whether you are getting married or your child is looking to be hitched sooner rather than later, the key to any financial success is to budget, stick to the plan and educate yourself. Through financial literacy (researching what financing options work best for you and your situation, comparing rates, etc.) and proper budgeting techniques, your dreams can be met. Dedication and education go a long way toward making white, lacy dreams a reality.

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Business Wire
Even Financial Evolves into Engine by MoneyLion

*Award-winning technology provider, “Even Financial”, has a new name, “Engine by MoneyLion”, delivering the ultimate platform for embedded finance products, marketplaces, media and data *

NEW YORK, March 21, 2023--MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”, NYSE: ML), a leader in financial technology powering the next generation of personalized products and content, announced today the rebrand of “Even Financial”, the award-winning embedded finance platform for enterprise businesses, to "Engine by MoneyLion”. The Engine by MoneyLion brand is designed to reflect the expanded breadth and capabilities of the combined company, while continuing to focus on its premier financial product search engine, API and embedded finance marketplace SaaS platform, delivering personalized recommendations through any consumer touchpoint. MoneyLion acquired Even Financial in February 2022, read all about it here.

Founded in 2014, Even, now Engine by MoneyLion, matches consumers with real-time, personalized financial product recommendations, from its vast network of top providers, on mobile apps, websites, and other consumer touchpoints, through its API, marketplace and search engine technology. Since inception, the company has grown its network to over 1,000 partners and facilitated over $7 billion in financial products to date. The Engine by MoneyLion technology is delivered through its powerful SaaS platform, providing partners unparalleled transparency and controls, customizable integrations, advanced AI-backed data and insights, reporting and more.

Today, in connection with the launch of the Engine by MoneyLion brand, MoneyLion released the new brand logo, updated website (located at its new URL www.engine.tech) and additional assets to deploy the new brand. All Even Financial products and services continue as is without any interruption, under the Engine by MoneyLion brand. MoneyLion and Even have united seamlessly, through a shared vision: to match consumers with the financial products and services they need, when and where they need them.

"This is an exciting moment for us, as we further our position as a leader in the space,” said Dee Choubey, CEO and Co-Founder of MoneyLion. “We are delivering on our vision to make financial services more accessible to everyone, powering a remarkably vast set of products and services for our partners through a simple yet robust integration, as well as driving excellent overall company performance. The strengths of our ecosystem enable us to provide comprehensive solutions for our enterprise partners and create a seamless experience for consumers. With our new brand, Engine by MoneyLion, we are well-positioned to continue shaping the future of financial technology in collaboration with our partners, bringing greater financial literacy, inclusion and access to all consumers.”

"Today marks a significant milestone in MoneyLion’s journey to enable real-time, personalized financial product recommendations to consumers, through any touchpoint,” said Phill Rosen, Founder of Even, who joined MoneyLion with the acquisition. Phill has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer of MoneyLion, where he will bring the tremendous capabilities of its global technology organization to further invest in its leading embedded finance capabilities, as well as Business Leader of Engine by MoneyLion - Web Services, which continues the Even Financial legacy of core B2B financial technology for enterprise and cements it within the MoneyLion organization. “Our new brand, Engine by MoneyLion, reflects our combination and alignment with MoneyLion, one of the most innovative and successful companies in financial technology. We have really brought our complementary businesses together extremely well. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead, as we continue to provide the premier search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial products and services."

MoneyLion has integrated its top consumer finance mobile app, its leading embedded finance marketplace platform and solutions for enterprise businesses, its world-class media division and innovative work with AI and data, to firmly establish itself at the forefront of financial technology. Following its Q4 and EoY 2022 earnings, MoneyLion is leading the pack, demonstrating standout unit economics, revenue diversity and business resilience (read all about it here). Among many benefits, this combination has enabled for MoneyLion more products for more of the credit spectrum, more opportunities and offerings for its enterprise partner network and brings its full partner network into the MoneyLion app with its marketplace. This provides seamless, omnichannel access to the personalized financial products people are searching for, as well as tremendous efficiencies for the company, helping drive its best-in-class unit economics, which is amplified by incredible results for its partners and consumers.

Please visit engine.tech to learn more about Engine by MoneyLion. About MoneyLion

MoneyLion is a leader in financial technology powering the next generation of personalized products and content, with a top consumer finance mobile app, a premier embedded finance platform for enterprise businesses and a world-class media arm. MoneyLion’s mission is to positively change people’s financial path by rewiring the financial system and empowering them with greater financial literacy and access. In our go-to money super app for consumers, we deliver curated content on finance and related topics, through a tailored feed that engages people to learn and share. People take control of their money life with our innovative financial products and marketplace - including our full-fledged suite of features to save and invest - seamlessly bringing together the best offers and content from MoneyLion and our 1,000+ enterprise partner network, together in one experience. MoneyLion’s enterprise technology provides the definitive search engine and marketplace for financial products, enabling any company to add embedded finance to their business, with advanced AI-backed data and tools through our platform and API. Established in 2013, MoneyLion connects millions of people with the financial products and content they need, when and where they need it.

For more information about MoneyLion, please visit www.moneylion.com. For additional information about Engine by MoneyLion for enterprise businesses, please visit www.engine.tech.

Contacts MoneyLion Communications [email protected]

MoneyLion Wins “Best Financial Literacy Tool” and “Best API” at Benzinga’s 2022 Global Fintech Awards

MoneyLion’s consumer and enterprise businesses were recognized as winners of Benzinga’s 2022 Global Fintech Awards at this year’s Fintech Deal Day

New York, December 14, 2022-- MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”) (NYSE: ML), the go-to destination for personalized financial content, products and advice, is proud to announce that it has been named “Best Financial Literacy Tool” at Benzinga’s 2022 Global Fintech Awards. MoneyLion’s enterprise business, Even Financial, was also named as the winner for “Best API.”

MoneyLion and Even Financial were honored alongside other top Fintechs, banks, research companies and more. MoneyLion’s consumer business continues to push financial literacy through innovative and personalized content. With the MoneyLion app, users can view personalized financial content in short-form video format and receive personalized financial product recommendations such as loans, insurance and investing. As MoneyLion’s enterprise offering, Even Financial digitally connects and matches consumers with real-time personalized product recommendations from banks, insurance carriers, and Fintech companies on mobile apps, websites and other digital touchpoints through its financial product search engine and Embedded Finance Marketplace technology. This technology powers both the MoneyLion Marketplace, in the MoneyLion app, as well as more than 1,000 enterprise partners.

“We’re thrilled MoneyLion’s consumer and enterprise businesses were recognized by Benzinga,” said Dee Choubey, Co-Founder and CEO of MoneyLion. “Both awards showcase MoneyLion’s every time you money approach to helping our customers. The financial literacy gap is a huge problem for millions of Americans and we remain committed to reducing its effects through engaging, informative content and key partnerships designed to bring an elevated educational experience to all.”

These awards follow the October announcement of MoneyLion University, where MoneyLion launched its latest initiative aimed at closing the gap in money and financial education across the United States.

“We could not be more pleased with Benzinga’s recognition of our company’s API technology,” stated Phill Rosen, CEO and Founder of Even Financial. “Our technology natively integrates real-time credit decisions and product recommendations from the industry’s largest network of connected financial services providers, offering access and choice to consumers searching for financial products. Our elegant Embedded Finance Marketplace, API and search engine enable any company to add trusted, personalized financial products and services to their business, reaching people when and where they need it.”

Even Financial has been named a listmaker for the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards for the last two years and was a previous award winner. In 2021, Even was selected as a listmaker for Best API and, in 2020, selected as a listmaker for both Best API and Best API Platform. In 2019, Even was awarded the Benzinga Rocky Award.

The annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards take pride in recognizing and honoring the companies and individuals who are propelling the Fintech and financial services industry forward with the most impressive technology advancements and innovations. A panel of industry experts from a wide range of companies reviewed and judged the nominations. Winners were announced at Benzinga’s Fintech Deal Day on December 8, 2022, where MoneyLion’s Chief Customer Officer Cynthia Kleinbaum spoke on the panel, Expert Growth Hacks For Reaching Underserved Markets.

About MoneyLion MoneyLion is the go-to destination for personalized financial content, products and advice. MoneyLion’s mission is to rewire the financial system to positively change the path of every hard-working American. MoneyLion uses its proprietary data advantage and technology to empower its customers. MoneyLion engages and educates its customers with daily, hyper-personalized money-related and money-adjacent content that is delivered through each customer’s own content feed. MoneyLion provides its customers a full suite of financial and non-financial solutions, bundling its proprietary, low-cost financial products with products that are offered through its marketplace technology and network affiliate partners. MoneyLion also leverages its distinct data, technology, and network advantages to deliver leading embedded finance and marketplace solutions for enterprise customers. Since its founding in 2013, MoneyLion has empowered millions of Americans to take control of their finances and live their best financial life, every day.

For more information about the company, visit https://www.moneylion.com/ and https://www.evenfinancial.com. For investor information and updates, visit investors.moneylion.com and follow @MoneyLionIR on Twitter.

View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221214006032/en/

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Built In
Even Named A Built In “2023 Best Places to Work”

New York, Jan. 11, 2023 -- Even Financial ("Even"), an independent subsidiary of MoneyLion Inc. (NYSE: ML), and a leading embedded finance marketplace platform, is proud to announce that it was honored in Built In’s “2023 Best Places To Work” Awards. Specifically, Even earned a place on the Hybrid Best Places to Work in New York.

The Best Places to Work Awards, now in its fifth year, honors companies across numerous categories, sizes, remote-first employers as well as in person and hybrid working companies across the U.S.

Built In determines the winners of Best Places to Work based on an algorithm, using company data about compensation and benefits, and also weighs criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, as well as other people-first cultural offerings.

This announcement follows Even’s recent win at the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards for “Best API.”

About Even Financial

Even is the industry-leading embedded financial marketplace and independent subsidiary of MoneyLion Inc. (“MoneyLion”) (NYSE: ML). MoneyLion is a leading digital financial services and lifestyle content platform serving both consumer and enterprise customers. As part of MoneyLion’s enterprise offering, Even digitally connects and matches consumers with real-time, personalized financial product recommendations from banks, insurance carriers, and fintech companies on mobile apps, websites, and other digital touchpoints through its marketplace technology. Even's infrastructure leverages machine learning and advanced data science to solve a significant pain point in financial services customer acquisition, seamlessly bridging financial services providers (such as SoFi) and channel partners (such as TransUnion) via its industry-leading API and embedded finance marketplaces. Even enables any company to add financial products to its business, with full compliance and security at scale. Even was named one of "America's Best Startup Employers'' by Forbes for 2022 and was named to the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500, which recognizes the fastest growing tech companies in the world. Learn more at www.evenfinancial.com and investors.moneylion.com.